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April 15, 2008


>It is highly probable that silver from the household of George Washington was used to mint the first batch of silver half dimes (dimes) in 1792! The silver coinage of the United States is extensive, with seven different denominations ranging from the three cent piece to the silver dollar. Silver is no longer used in everyday United States coinage. But it certainly was from 1792 to 1964! Investing in U.S. silver coins involves much more than just silver dollars; from the Comstock Lode of Nevada to the Pittman Act of 1918, it involves a cultural survey into our history!

April 2, 2008

>Gold Hits Record, Rare Coins Surge

>With gold hitting record levels rare coin investors are ecstatic. Investors have pushed the spot price of gold over the coveted $1000 mark and have begun investing heavily in bullion related rare coins like $20 Gold Saint Gaudens and $20 Liberty’s. But what the average investor tends to forget is that high- grade, low-pop, truly rare coins are the money makers over the long term. These numismatic specimens are not susceptible to the often violent volatility that gold bullion or low grade rare coins can experience. The numbers coming back from recent auctions prove we are in the midst of a strong and stable rare coin market. The only problem we are encountering is a serious lack of rare coin availability.