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February 26, 2014

California couple finds treasure trove worth $10 million


Los Angeles:  A California couple out walking their dog struck it rich by unearthing a horde of buried gold coins, worth more than $10 million according to experts.

The so-called Saddle Ridge find is believed to be the most valuable treasure trove ever discovered in the United States, according to Kagin’s Inc, which specializes in ancient gold coins.

The couple, named only as John and Mary, spotted a partially buried can jutting out of the ground – and after further digging found seven more, with more than 1,400 gold coins.ap_gold_cins_tight_kb_140225_16x9_608

“This family literally found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” said company boss Donald Kagin, adding that most of the coins date from the late 19th century.

“What’s really significant about this find… is that unlike other hoards and treasures, this one includes a great variety of dates, many of which are in pristine condition,” he added.

The Saddle Ridge Treasure is named after a feature on the couple’s property in an area of northern California known for buried treasure since the Gold Rush in the 19th century.

The couple said they were simply taking their dog for its daily walk when they made the first find.

“I saw an old can sticking out of the ground on a trail that we had walked almost every day for many, many years,” said John, who used a stick to dig it out.

They carried it back to the house, despite its considerable weight.

“I said to Mary, ‘Wow, this thing is heavy. It must be full of lead paint.’ I couldn’t figure out what in the world would weigh that much,” John said.

At that moment, “the lid cracked off and exposed a rib of a single gold coin,” he said, adding: “I clamped the lid back on – I found a can of gold coins and I thought there was a zero percent chance of Mary believing me!

“When I told her, the look of bewilderment – her mouth was so wide open flies could have flown in and out several times.”

Mary added: “I never would have thought we would have found something like this. However, in a weird way I feel like I have been preparing my whole life for it.”

After further digging, including with a metal detector, they eventually unearthed eight cans.

The couple, who are around 40, have decided to remain anonymous for the moment.
“Like a lot of people lately, we’ve had some financial trials. I feel extreme gratitude that we can keep our beloved property,” John said.

Mary added: “we’re the same people we were before, just with more freedom of choice.

“Our finances won’t have to dictate so many of our day-to-day decisions… The answer to our difficulties was right there under our feet for years. Don’t be above bending over to check on a rusty can!”

February 12, 2014

Keystone State Shipwreck: Civil War era wreck discovered in Lake Huron

By Tracey Parece,

The Keystone State shipwreck is the remains of a Civil War era ship that was discovered earlier this year in Lake Huron. For more than 150 years, the location of the wreck was a mystery. It sank to the bottom of Lake Huron in the year 1861 with 33 souls aboard. All of them perished.ny2-large

According to a Dec. 9, 2013 report by USA Today, David Trotter, a 72-year-old veteran shipwreck hunter located the Keystone State shipwreck at the bottom of Lake Huron in July, however the discovery didn’t catch the media’s attention until December. This latest triumph marks nearly 100 shipwrecks found by Trotter, who has been a shipwreck hunter in the Great Lakes for more than 3 1/2 decades.ny1

Undersea Research Associates, Trotter’s official website, made the official announcement about the discovery of the Keystone State shipwreck with the posting of a YouTube video entitled “Desperate Voyage.”

The discovery and exploration of the 288′ sidewheel steamer Keystone State, lost with all hands in November, 1861. Abruptly leaving Detroit for Milwaukee, Wisconsin, her cargo appears to be very mysterious and she is also reported to be carrying gold bullion/coins. The Keystone State has long been one of Lake Huron’s most mysterious ships…………..missing for 150+ years.ny3d

Trotter has been quoted as saying that he didn’t think he would ever find the wreck. Fortunately, he was wrong.

The Keystone State began life in 1849 as a luxurious steamer measuring nearly 300 feet in length that featured a walking beam engine, giant paddlewheel and twin stacks. The steamship belongs to a class called palace steamers, and it counted leaded glass windows, mahogany trim and carved arches among its details. The interior of the ship was designed to resemble a fine hotel.

In 1857, the Keystone State was set aside due to its high cost of operation. It languished until the star of the Civil War in 1861, when it was refurbished and put to use as a cargo ship. It traveled to Detroit, picked up a load that may have included Civil War supplies including munition, and then headed for Milwaukee. Some time around Nov. 9, 1861, the ship disappeared with its cargo and crew on board.

No one even noticed that the ship was missing until another ship noticed debris from the Keystone State. Debris from the shipwreck also washed ashore near Lexington.

Now, the Keystone State shipwreck lies beneath 175 feet of water. It is covered with zebra mussels, and the stern is badly damaged. However, the engine and the boilers are reportedly in good condition, sitting upright on the bottom of the lake.

Although the manifest for the ship list such mundane objects as barrels of grain, farm implements and iron hardware, some people believe that there is treasure, in the form of gold, lying at the bottom of Lake Huron.