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November 11, 2008

>Civil War Gold


Give consideration to civil war gold. The coins minted during the five years our country was at war with itself (1861-1865) are niche coins often overlooked. Their significance should not be underestimated. Few dealers out there actually specialize in civil war gold. If you can find one, often you find they also sell battle flags, weponry and other relics. When you can make a connection or cultivate a relationship with someone who’s passion for the era or passion for the history outweighs their inventory, and need to “pay the bills”, you’ve got a friend. Not all are created equal. 

As for the investment? First off, either way you look at it, they are rare coins.  But, if you can invest in a rare coin that has historical significance, or a story that goes along with it, you’ve got a coin that will be easier to sell and easier to get top dollar for. Also, consider the idea of focusing dollars on one rare coin than four lesser ones. Low pop, high grade coins, especially from the Civil War, cost more because they are worth more!

One rule of thumb, the lower the mintage, the lower the pop the higher the price- the better the coin. It’s simple. The best, in 99 percent of the cases, costs more. That doesn’t mean you need to over pay for a coin though. Check your sources or listen to someone you trust. But either way, consider Civil War Gold!