>Morgan Silver Dollars

>If inflation continues over the next three years you can project the acceleration of investments in Morgan Silver Dollars to increase on average 122% per year.  Morgan Dollars performed outstanding between 1983 -1986, (stock market crash, recession, savings and loan scandal and inflation). Morgan Dollars have always been the most popular way of investing in silver in the rare coin market and will prove to be such during this run. 

Between inflation, increased demand and rising silver prices; expect Morgans to explode. Consider the fact that silver over the last three years has gone from $5.00 an oz. to over $18.00 per oz., that’s a 275% increase, while Common Date Morgans have only gone up 18%. We see this trend time and time again. Rare coins seem to wait until precious metals peak out and begin moving downward before they see “bull market” gains. Yet, rare coins increase at a steady 6% per year during prosperous metal markets. Again, if inflation continues; rare coins will significantly outperform their bullion counterpart.

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