>Silver is The New Gold


Morgan Dollars are the MOST UNDERVALUED area of the entire market. Since the beginning of 2007 gold has shot up from $635 to over $1,320 (116%). Common date Saint Gaudens have responded with a 75% gain of their own—from just under $1,650 to above $2,900 right now. Silver has also seen a surge over this time period, from under $11 to nearly $23 currently (115%). Morgan Dollars, on the other hand, have actually dipped 6% over the past 3 years. This cannot continue.

Prior to this most recent run, gold had an all time high of just over $800/oz, set back in January of 1980. Around that same time silver was trading comfortably above $30/oz. Not surprisingly, gold rare coins saw gains alongside bullion moving, peaking in 1980. However, Morgan Dollars had only begun their own bull run at that time—over the next 6 years they were up nearly 1,000%!

Over the past 3 years gold, Saints, and silver have all realized big gains. The next major run, if history holds true to form, will be in Morgan Dollars, and it will be memorable for those involved.


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