>Understanding High End, Low Pop Pricing.


“If you look at the charts you’ll see some BIG gains for Liberty Seated Dimes. Heritage had an auction of a fantastic set, some finest known examples, some highest graded, none better, only one graded that grade [type] coins and the prices were very juicy.

This is one thing about our price guide that you should understand; I looked at some of these prices and a coin was like $15,000 and I look back in the historical and its $15,000 for five years, well… you know obviously that coin was worth more than $15,000 in 2008 but worth more than it was in 2005, but sometimes the coin doesn’t sell, it’s the only one, then it comes to auction and brings $48,000.

So we go over those real high pops and we sometimes raise them or lower them where it makes sense. But it really takes the appearance at an auction or in a dealers price guide or we see something at a show trade hands or find out about a private sale before we can really do something with those unique coins.”
Transcript of PCGS Founder Mr. Hall’s “Coin Market Analysis”.

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