>Safe Haven Investing


“When it comes to safe haven investing, people immediately think about physical assets such as gold, silver, oil, land, real estate. There is a reason for this: Physical things have intrinsic value. The value of a paper fiat currency, or a stock, can fall to zero. But the value of any physical asset can never fall to zero. The intrinsic values of physical assets are the reasons why they preserve wealth during times of financial and economic crises.”*

While like any other investment there is risk, the nature of rare coins as an antique systematically provides investors with a sense of long term stability, a stability you can’t expect with traditional investments like stocks or bonds.

Investing in rare coins now, no matter what the current market conditions, at least provides the comfort of knowing that rare coins will ALWAYS be rare and valuable, and always be sought after by those who can afford them.

The tangibility of wealth, knowing you can preserve it in uncertain economic times proves, every other decade or so, the most profitable safe haven investment.

Governments and banks fail. Rare coins will always be a rare and lucrative parking for capital in an atmosphere of uncertainty.


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