Europe, Fed Actions Push Global Economy Towards Further Downturns

Following yet another barrage of negative information in the fragile U.S. economy the Fed has pledged to do whatever they can to get things moving again.  Their latest salvo, an attempt to lower long term interest rates, has given commodity bulls an opportunity to lock in profits and prepare for the next run up in prices.  The Fed hopes that by opening the money faucet they can avoid a prolonged deflationary period and kick start the economy.  Experts say that while there will be negative pressure on commodities in the short term that path that the Fed has taken will force those same commodities upward as inflation takes hold.  Additionally, the problems in several European countries, most notably Greece, have the potential to spread even more uncertainty into the U.S. economy. Rare coin investors seem to be the lucky group not sweating it out, rather, sighing in relief that their holdings aren’t shrinking in value.


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