This Rare Coin Just Sold for $2 Million


This Rare Coin Just Sold for $2 Million


Talk about a return on investment.

If you were lucky enough to have gotten your hands on the rare 1894-S struck by the San Francisco mint during that year, you could have sold it today for a cool, 20 million percent return.

That’s right, at an auction run by Heritage Auctions in Tampa, Florida, the rare coin sold for $2 million, the company tells Fortune. The dime is prized by coin collectors for its rarity: there were only 24 ever minted, and only 9 are thought to still be in existence today.

David Hall, co-founder of Professional Coin Grading Service of Santa Ana, California, told ABC News, “A couple of coins have been known among the rarest of the rare for 100 years and this is one of those numismatic icons.”

Both the buyer and seller of the coin wish to remain anonymous, but a statement from Heritage refers to the buyer, who placed his bid online, as “an experienced collector.”


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