Bullion Rise Outpaces Coin Prices


Gold is up. Silver is up. I don’t think it comes as any surprise, but common date, common condition silver and gold coins continue to follow the spot prices of their respective metals higher.


Scarce to rare coins continue with what I would term a mixed market. The market for more desirable material is mixed in that while some coins have declined in value recently, there are some coins that have appreciated noticeably. The challenge is to determine which have the upside potential since no pattern is emerging.

Coins are a hobby, but they are also an emotional commodity and they are acting accordingly.

Gold hit a seven-week high as this is being written. Silver continues to resist the $18 per ounce level, but remained stronger than it has been since late April.

The performance of gold and silver continues to be tied tightly to the market for common date, common condition 20th century silver circulation strike coins.

Proof and mint sets are flat line. Commemoratives, be they the classic series or the modern issues, are likewise remaining horizontal in value.

Interest in half cents and large cents as well as small cents remains strong, but only the scarcest of the scarce are appreciating. I know I’m repeating myself, but I interpret the current coin market as a buying opportunity. If you are a collector with a reasonable time horizon, there are opportunities presenting themselves that probably will not come again for many years.

Prices of desirable coins tend to rise with collector incomes, but these movements come in fits and starts. Act to buy now before the next leg higher.

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